Move Over BB Cream, The CC Craze Has Arrived


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BB creams are currently all the rage, but will they keep their buzz-worthy status for long? Soon, our beloved beauty balms will be sharing shelf space with one of the newest beauty products on the market, the CC Cream.

Beauty experts are naming this multitasking cream the next generation BB Cream. The CC cream is a complexion correcting formula that offers the same benefits as the BB Cream along with calming redness, vanishing dark spots, and brightening skin’s appearance. No wonder beauty editors and celebrities alike are already taking notice of this skincare revolution.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Olay released the first CC cream in North America this past October, serving as a catalyst for the trend. Beauty brands Chanel, Clinique, and Smashbox followed suit after the New Year, revealing their own formulas of the color correcting cream.

Wear the CC cream alone for a sheer, natural appearance or under foundation for more coverage – either way will leave your skin smooth and radiant. So, put your BB creams aside for now, and experience the difference of CC.


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